S01, Ep 22: Susan Hamilton, Being the Best Businessperson You Can Be

What does it take to be an effective small business owner?  Susan and Claire have an animated discussion around what it takes to start, build and maintain a successful small business.

Susan Hamilton is the Founder and CEO of OffBeat Business Media, an organization dedicated to rebuilding American business influence locally, nationally, and abroad.

S01, Ep 21: Jayne Rios, Empowering Women

WomenOnTV network co-founder Jayne Rios stops by to talk about how empowered women are making a difference.

Jayne Rios is a veteran marketing and business professional based in Dallas.  With many eyars’ experience in the video production world, she has started, managed and then sold several video and marketing companies.  She is the co-founder of WomenOnTV, (AKA, WBTVN).

S01, Ep 20: David Rose, Saving and Growing Businesses

Are you listening and are you really hearing what people are saying?  Today’s guest talks with Claire about how he spends time listening to business leaders and helps then translate their desires into solid business decisions and actions.

David Rose works with business leaders around the world to help them substantially grow their revenue and profits with innovative strategies and tactics. He has helped deliver over $2 billion in revenue to his clients using the proprietary methodologies he has designed.  His book, “Overcoming the Universe Of Rejections,” empowers people to learn and overcome all the categories of rejection they will face throughout their lives.

S01, Ep 19: Brian Dobbs, Creating a Great Environment

Claire and her guest, Brian Dobbs, discuss what it takes to find a coach and how to maximize the impact this person can have on you and your organization.

Brian Dobbs is a professional speaker and business coach, who cut his teeth in the ministry.  His company, Relavate, works with business-to-business and business-to-consumer organizations to help them find direction and establish continuity.

S01, Ep 18: Von Daniel, Understanding the Nuances of Your Business

Improv versus standup versus sketch comedy? What’s the difference? Knowing the difference helps you know what works for an audience and the overall experience. As in any business, knowing the different aspects of your craft can help you become a leader.

Von Daniel, is familiar with the techniques of Improv as CEO of ComedySportz Dallas. He has extensive experience managing in the DFW area, having successfully hired, trained, implemented processes and led business teams of varying skill levels. Von has extensive experience as a performer as a part of improvisational comedy in Dallas going back almost 20 years.

S01, Ep 17: Sandra Lewis, Living an Interesting, Inspiring Life

Another inspiring story of someone who is living their passion and dream of doing what they love for a living.

Sandra Lewis is the founder of Life At The Table. She asks the most important question of the day: “What’s for dinner?” Life At The Table educates, inspires and motivates people to cook and create community around the table and at home.

S01, Ep 16: Michelle Bardwell, Listening to Yourself

Are you listening to your mind and body? Do you know what tools and techniques are available to you to help you maximize your health? Today’s episode exposes you to some clear options spiritually, emotionally and physically to help heal and maximize your body’s potential.

Michelle Bardwell is the founder and CEO of Flower Road, an alternative health institute based in Dallas, Texas. Trained in aromatherapy and the use of essential oils and hydrosols, Michelle is a believer in helping people live healthy, happy lives.

S01, Ep 15: Paola Sabini, Using Technology to Your Advantage

Learning to communicate effectively and exposing the world to the real you is the subject of today’s episode. While IT is a key part of all of our business lives, we need to realize it is really only a tool to meet the goals we’ve set for ourselves.

Paola Saibene, CEO of Neuropeach Labs,  has years of experience in IT transformation and business Innovation, having held multiple CIO/ CTO/ CSO/ COO positions in government and in the private sector, including multi-billion dollar enterprises, including the State of Hawaii. She is a pioneer in transforming and innovating in organizations under tremendous scrutiny.

S01, Ep 14: Michael Peticolas, Allow Yourself to Live Boldly

What have you done (or are you doing) to live boldly and live your life authentically. Today’s guest, Michael Peticolas chose to live his dream to become one of the premier craft beer brewers in the nation.

Michael Peticolas is a fifth-generation Texas trial attorney and owner/operator of Dallas’s Peticolas Brewing Company. After practicing law for a decade, Michael turned to his passion for craft beer.  Since 2011, Peticolas Brewing Company has won numerous local and national awards, and is an established craft beer industry leader in Texas.

S01, Ep 13: Shea Boothe-Wood, Doing Something for Yourself

What are you doing for yourself? Today’s episode talks about self care—from taking better care of your skin to choosing and wearing the best fashions that fit your style, body type and image.

Shea Boothe-Wood is a mother, entrepreneur, East Dallas resident and founder of 2 Shea Boutique & Med Spa and of 2 Shea Baby Boutique. Shea has spent over 25 years in the skincare industry, beginning her career with such skincare giants as Estee’ Lauder, Christian Dior and Aveda Corporation.

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