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Coffee With Claire can help shape and package your message!

We live in a world where information is generated and consumed at a record pace and in a larger variety of ways than it has ever been. The days of “appointment television” and “must-see TV” are gone—or at least shifted.

Your audience, however that is defined, is finding, consuming and using information—for business, education or entertainment—differently. Where, how, what, who and for how long is decided by them—not us.

Still, those of us who have the information can position and create (shape) the content for our intended audience and in forms that are appealing and useful to them.

The Coffee With Claire team does just that—shape and package and then promote your content. We help you package you and your message in ways that appeal and are attractive to your clientele.

With over 70 episodes spanning 6 seasons, Coffee With Claire (CWC) has a strong presence with its fans and followers.

It begins with the end result in mind. Our product is not just a television show but a package of appropriate content and promotion aimed specifically at your audience.

The finished 12- to 15-minute television interview reflects production values of programs costing much more. And the process of getting to that finished interview, its initial broadcast, simultaneous promotion and then distribution through multiple channels is unique among content deliverers.

There is a difference in your content partners. CWC is a differentiator.over

Better yet, call us!

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