S03, Ep10: Wireless Radiation and Our Health featuring Dagmar Fleming

The world is an ever-more complicated and intricate place with so many internal and external forces at work on our minds, our health and intellect. Knowing what is going on around us as it impacts our health is increasingly important. Cell phones, digital signals and other emitted waves are bombarding our bodies daily.
What do we need to know? How can we protect ourselves?
On this episode of Coffee with Claire, our guest is Dagmar Fleming, founder of “Unlock Your Success.” She is an international success coach and intuitive healer who helps individuals accelerate their growth, life purpose, and income potential. Through her research of helping people of all kinds, she has uncovered information about wireless radiation, the difference between 2 G and 5G, and how it affects us on a biological level.
Tune in to learn more about this everyday force and how you can understand its impact on you and follow our page for new episodes of Coffee with Claire every Friday!

S03, Ep09: When Healthcare Collides with the Digital World featuring Pete Ianace

We are all living in an age of the internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence and data security.

What is the advantage of marrying technology and healthcare?

When it comes to our health, using these technologies and concepts to improve and enhance our daily lives only seems natural.  So what does it take to have wearable bio sensors a part of our day-to-day lives? What advantage is it to have all of our health history in a digital form?

Our guest is Pete Ianace, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Vital Tech Innovations, and President of ComCam International.  Pete caught us up with the impact of technology on the future of healthcare. Pete knows technology and he knows healthcare.

Tune in to hear the latest on the intersection of these two fields.

S03, Ep08: Laughter, Fun and Passion at Work featuring Joel Zeff

How many of you, as business owners, make it a point to laugh every day? Or how many of you get mad at your employees for laughing too loud or having a good time at work?

Did you know that laughter at work is one of the best ways to develop creative thinking? Did you know that employees who enjoy their work environment are more loyal to the company, creating less turnover and they call in sick less?

Aren’t those big contributors to your company’s productivity and profitability?

Maybe you should be looking just as much at the laugh lines on your employee’s faces as you do to the bottom line of your P&L statements! On this episode of Coffee with Claire, our guest is public speaker and author Joel Zeff. Joel has made it his mission to remind corporations that fun and passion are pathways to success.

Stay tuned to learn more about his take on speaking, teamwork and leadership viewed through the lens of mindful playfulness!

S03, Ep07: The Mindful Entrepreneur featuring John Edmonson

The mindset of an entrepreneur is their strongest asset. It’s their imagination that dreams up the idea, their strategic thinking and planning that allows the plan to unfold, and their determination and will power that gets them through the uncharted waters. It’s patience and persistence that keeps them going.

However, in this fast-paced world in which we live, we don’t always allow ourselves down time, we can forget to slow down and recharge our batteries. So, how do we, as entrepreneurs, keep ourselves moving forward at the speed of light, while also taking care of ourselves and get balanced?

That’s where mindfulness steps in. John Edmonson, Director of Wellness and Life Coach at Healing Springs Ranch, has a fascinating approach to mindfulness and it’s end goal. In today’s episode, John will answer these questions and more.

S03, Ep06: The Art, Science and Economics of Craft Beer featuring Michael Peticolas

On today’s episode of Coffee With Claire we are learning about craft beer!

According to several reliable internet sources including Brewfanatics and the craft brewery.org, here’s a compilation of the top ten reasons why you should drink craft beer.

  1. Craft Beer tastes better.
  2. More alcohol.
  3. Less trips to the bathroom!
  4. Health benefits!
  5. More Choices.
  6. Less Expensive.
  7. Less Calories.
  8. Better ingredients.
  9. Supporting the local economy.
  10. Environmentally sustainable.

We are thrilled to welcome back to Coffee with Claire Michael Peticolas.  Michael is a fifth-generation Texas trial attorney and owner/operator of Dallas’ Peticolas Brewing Company. After practicing law for a decade, Michael turned to his passion for craft beer.  Since 2011, Peticolas Brewing Company has won numerous local and national awards, and is an established craft beer industry leader in Texas.

Stay tuned to hear more about the current craft beer buzz!

S03 Ep05, The Customer Service Experience with Chris-James Cognetta

Have you ever had a bad customer experience? Odds are you have. Fact is, a lot of us tend to run into some rough customer service from time to time. And usually it’s understandable, but it’s never acceptable. And when it comes to poor customer service, the problems don’t start with your customers – they start with your employees. Just ask Chris-James Cognetta. He’s a consumer experience expert, and today on a brand new episode of Coffee with Claire, he’s sitting down with Claire to talk about how customer service can be tailored at a management level, what that can mean for your employees, and how you can shift your thinking to have a customer-focused business at every level!

S03, Ep 04: The Modern Wine Merchant, featuring Rashmi Malhotra

According to Marco Jacober, CEO of Life Hacks, the freelance workforce work force is growing three times faster than the traditional workforce, and the majority of work will be contracted by 2027.  Couple this with technology bridging the gap between states and countries, and the accessibility of products and services 24/7, and you’ve got a real opportunity to make a side business work for you..and at some point, if you love it enough, make it your full time “side gig” career.

One of the side gigs I have run across lately is in the wine industry.  According to Forbes, US wine consumption  has grown from a volume consumption of 370 million gallons in 1993 to a current level of over 770 million gallons.  In 2017, $40 BILLION dollars was spent in wine sales.  That’s a lot of wine!

Like everything else, the wine industry has been impacted by changes in demographics, technology, and budgets.  It’s not necessary to travel to France anymore to get high quality French wines.  The challenge is, how to get the wines in the hands of the consumers to maximize the quality, minimize the time, and fit into their budget?

The wine world is changing from wholesale to direct sales.  The rapid consolidation of grocery, retail and wholesalers is creating a narrower path to market, especially for small wineries and limited production wines.  The future opportunity for fine wine producers is to sell direct from the wineries to the consumers.  But how do they find those distribution points?

Join me and my next guest, Rashmi Malhotra, as she explains how one of the world’s leading family-owned luxury fine wine companies has  taken their 56 years of winery experience, leveraged education, technology and their vision for the future, to create a side opportunity like no other.  Stay tuned and learn about Boisset wineries, and how they are bringing their quality wines to a home near you!

S03, Ep 03: Protecting the Thing that Protects You Most, featuring Sue Moore

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of the body, with a total area of about 20 square feet?  Our skin protects us from microbes and the elements, helps regulate body temperature, and permits the sensation of touch, heat and cold.

We take our skin for granted.  We expose it to the sun at the beach, we go skiing on the slopes and expose it to the cold and wind, and then we turn around and complain when we start seeing wrinkles, sun spots, or saggy skin.

Even if you’ve never taken care of your skin, it’s not too late to start.  Your skin begins to age when you are only in your mid 20’s, although you may not see it.  Your favorite products may not work anymore.  Your genes, daily habits, and the sun cause these changes.

Both men and women are interested in looking young and vibrant. Our skin is our most visual piece of real estate, and when it looks good, we feel good. When it looks bad, we feel bad.

Dermatologists are trained physicians that understand skin better than anyone.  They all recommend daily regimens to keep your skin healthy.  But what products are safe?  Should I go organic?  How much should I budget to spend every month?

Stay tuned as we welcome back Sue Moore, who brings to us a great education to help us understand in practical terms some of the most common questions and misconceptions around caring for your skin.

S03, Ep02: What Drives an Entrepreneur? Featuring Adpop and Techmillenial

What is it that drives entrepreneurs?  Why would anyone subject themselves to the crazy, unpredictable entrepreneurial lifestyle?

Entrepreneurs are an interesting breed.  They are tenacious, passionate people who really do march to the beat of a different drum.  They are visionaries, their strongest advocate, and although they have immense self confidence in themselves and their vision, they are humble enough to know when to pivot and say ”this isn’t working.”  Lastly, entrepreneurs believe that rules are made to be broken.  The status quo is boring. They are always thinking of ten different ways to solve a problem, and by putting all of these traits to work, develop products and services that their competition says, “Why didn’t we think of that?”  It’s the amazing combination of using both sides of their brains to achieve what others may never have thought possible.

Here at Coffee with Claire, we celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit.  And today, our guests demonstrate how collaboration and the bringing together two totally opposite ends of the business spectrum is the perfect combination to help newly formed companies or re-designed businesses create a strong professional footprint, while staying true to their individual entrepreneurial spirits.

Stay tuned and learn how bringing two very different worlds together has found the crossroads of the soft skills of creativity and the “hard” skills of programming have created the perfect combination for success!

This episode features Sungwoo Chun of Adpop and Jonathan Kim of TechMillenial discussing their businesses and their place in a variety of communities.

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