S03, Ep02: What Drives an Entrepreneur? Featuring Adpop and Techmillenial

What is it that drives entrepreneurs?  Why would anyone subject themselves to the crazy, unpredictable entrepreneurial lifestyle?

Entrepreneurs are an interesting breed.  They are tenacious, passionate people who really do march to the beat of a different drum.  They are visionaries, their strongest advocate, and although they have immense self confidence in themselves and their vision, they are humble enough to know when to pivot and say ”this isn’t working.”  Lastly, entrepreneurs believe that rules are made to be broken.  The status quo is boring. They are always thinking of ten different ways to solve a problem, and by putting all of these traits to work, develop products and services that their competition says, “Why didn’t we think of that?”  It’s the amazing combination of using both sides of their brains to achieve what others may never have thought possible.

Here at Coffee with Claire, we celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit.  And today, our guests demonstrate how collaboration and the bringing together two totally opposite ends of the business spectrum is the perfect combination to help newly formed companies or re-designed businesses create a strong professional footprint, while staying true to their individual entrepreneurial spirits.

Stay tuned and learn how bringing two very different worlds together has found the crossroads of the soft skills of creativity and the “hard” skills of programming have created the perfect combination for success!

This episode features Sungwoo Chun of Adpop and Jonathan Kim of TechMillenial discussing their businesses and their place in a variety of communities.

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