S01, Ep 28: Steve Stoler, Telling Your Story

Can you tell your own story?  Do you know where to start and what does it take to have an impact?  Claire and Steve talk about his story as an illustration of how to best tell a difficult and complex story.

Steve Stoler is a veteran Emmy Award winning television news reporter, whose career has spanned more than three decades at six television stations in Georgia, Nebraska, North Carolina and Texas. Steve has covered almost every type of news story imaginable. Throughout his career, Steve has been an eyewitness to history. After 34 years in TV, Steve is now the City of Plano, Texas’ Director of Media Relations.

S01, Ep 27: Christina Carlin, Being Intuitive

How intuitive are you?  Do you know how to read yourself and others?  Today’s episode is a discussion of ho to read the signs of others and of yourself to help you navigate an even more complex world.

Known as The Clairvoyant Coach, Christina Carlin assists and supports clients in identifying and overcoming issues and challenges in their lives while finding clarity.

S01, Ep 26: Laura Lewis, Your Best Public Self

Do you know your key messages? Do you how best to present yourself physically and verbally to a listening and watching public?  Claire speaks today with Laura Lewis, a polished media professional on what we need to consider as we shape our public persona.

Laura Lewis is a speaker, a radio and TV personality of Z Living, as well as a producer, writer, and clinical hypnotherapist.  Laura has a degree in Food and Nutrition from the University of North Texas.  She is founder and president of Odyssey Star Media, a production, publishing and promotion company dedicated to changing the world for the better, one person at a time through a multitude of communication channels.

S01, Ep 25: Paul E. Maynard, Face-to-Face Communication

The best and most effective way to interact with people is face to face.  Do you have the tools and techniques to allow you to engage people in person? Claire talks with Paul about the best ways to engage people interpersonally.

Paul E. Maynard, otherwise known as The Relentless Networker, is an independent marketing, communications and business consultant based in the Dallas. He specializes in building and managing relationships. His work as a social media strategist for small- and medium-sized businesses and his experience as a dimensional marketer qualify him as an expert face-to-face networker.

S01, Ep 24: Cindy Baccus, Effectively Communicating Digitally

Do you own your digital footprint?  Can you navigate in a digital world?  These are skills we are all going to need in today’s world, both professionally and personally.  In this episode, Cindy Baccus covers the key things you need to know to be an effective digital communicator.

Cindy Baccus is considered an expert in the field of social media and digital marketing and currently serves as an Instructor at Collin College.  An expert communicator, having graduated from the prestigious John C. Maxwell leadership and speaking program, Cindy can make even the most complex challenge look simple. She has authored several books and has served and headed several boards.

S01, Ep 23: Sir Earl Toon, the Entertainment Value of Communication

Are you entertaining as well as informative?  Do you know what it takes to engage people and leave them wanting more?  Sir Earl and Claire talk about the value of being an entertainer as well as a communicator.

Sir Earl Toon achieved notoriety with the very popular band Kool & The Gang.  The founder of YMO Enterprises, Sir Earl strives to deliver the highest quality of music entertainment to a worldwide audience.

S01, Ep 22: Susan Hamilton, Being the Best Businessperson You Can Be

What does it take to be an effective small business owner?  Susan and Claire have an animated discussion around what it takes to start, build and maintain a successful small business.

Susan Hamilton is the Founder and CEO of OffBeat Business Media, an organization dedicated to rebuilding American business influence locally, nationally, and abroad.

S01, Ep 21: Jayne Rios, Empowering Women

WomenOnTV network co-founder Jayne Rios stops by to talk about how empowered women are making a difference.

Jayne Rios is a veteran marketing and business professional based in Dallas.  With many eyars’ experience in the video production world, she has started, managed and then sold several video and marketing companies.  She is the co-founder of WomenOnTV, (AKA, WBTVN).

S01, Ep 20: David Rose, Saving and Growing Businesses

Are you listening and are you really hearing what people are saying?  Today’s guest talks with Claire about how he spends time listening to business leaders and helps then translate their desires into solid business decisions and actions.

David Rose works with business leaders around the world to help them substantially grow their revenue and profits with innovative strategies and tactics. He has helped deliver over $2 billion in revenue to his clients using the proprietary methodologies he has designed.  His book, “Overcoming the Universe Of Rejections,” empowers people to learn and overcome all the categories of rejection they will face throughout their lives.

S01, Ep 19: Brian Dobbs, Creating a Great Environment

Claire and her guest, Brian Dobbs, discuss what it takes to find a coach and how to maximize the impact this person can have on you and your organization.

Brian Dobbs is a professional speaker and business coach, who cut his teeth in the ministry.  His company, Relavate, works with business-to-business and business-to-consumer organizations to help them find direction and establish continuity.

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