S01, Ep 08: Yes, and…

Do you know the concept of “Yes, and..” from improvisational comedy? In this episode, recorded at a lunchtime networking group in Dallas, Claire shows the crowd (and you) just what it takes to engage people and make conversation and connecting really work. A great example of dynamic speaking and people engagement.

S01, Ep 07: Mary Monttein Alonso, Overcoming Stress

Do you know what it takes to overcome stress? Do you have the tools and techniques you need? Today’s episode gives you some tips and ideas on how to make yourself feel better in stressful situations.

Mary Monttein Alonso is a transformational life coach, certified facilitator, brain mechanic and energy healer. She knows what it takes to realign the misaligned in your life.

S01, Ep 06: Melissa Walker, finding Your Way into a Second (or Third) Career

Melissa and Claire talk about how NextCareer has helped veterans shape their lives and helped them find new purpose after serving in the military.

Melissa Walker is the President and CEO of NextCareer.  A veteran media and human resources professional, Melissa knows how to match talent to enterprises.

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