S01, Ep 30: Todd Drake, Overcoming Obstacles and Thriving

Everyone has had some kind of adversity in their life at some point. Some things are extremely visible to others; sometimes it’s not so easily seem by a bystander.  However, no matter what way it shows up, it still can derail you.  It’s a choice to face it and figure out a way to work it out.  Sometimes we can figure it out on our own; sometimes we need some help.

Our guest today, Todd Drake, has overcome some tremendous obstacles and thrived on the other side.   He is the president and owner of Todd Drake Diamonds.  A veteran of the corporate world, he got away from the grind and helped his family in areas where he was trained, to help them take their business to the next level.  A competitive athlete, too, Todd enjoys a great game of baseball when he can pry himself away from his business.

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