Paul E. Maynard: Relentlessly Networking

Networking isn’t a lost art.  It’s actually mostly undiscovered for most people.

A  lot of people, it turns out.

So when Paul Maynard wanted to reach more people about how best to network, he turned to a real networking tool—television.  And Coffee With Claire.

“I learned a long time ago that having the right stage was key to reaching the right people,” Paul to CWC recently. “And the bigger the stage the more right people you can meet.  That bigger stage was Coffee With Claire.”

Paul is known in North Texas and beyond as The Relentless Networker.  He is a blogger, writer and consultant to a variety of businesses.  And in the spirit of full disclosure, he is Claire’s VP of Marketing and Communication on a contract basis.

“When Claire offered me the spot on her show, I jumped at the chance,” Paul said.  “It was the ultimate platform for me to share my knowledge and for me to, in turn, be seen and heard by folks needing that help.”

Networking is sometimes misconstrued.  It is not a one-way activity, it takes a lot of time and it really isn’t for the self-centered.

“The number one rule I teach people about networking,” Paul continued.” Is that it isn’t about you.”

Claire saw the value in this topic for an episode.

“I chose to include Paul’s episode in a group of episodes about clear communication” Claire said.  “When you watch the five episodes together, they all become a kind of primer for building a network and becoming a better communicator.”

Claire has interviewed dozens of business and community leaders for Coffee With Claire.  For more information about how you can be a guest on Coffee With Claire, contact us for a tour and prospectus.


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