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Episode 33: What’s Your Style?

A lot is said and written about personal style, but doing something about it is quite another thing.  Taking action to dress and accessorize yourself to put your best foot forward is one of the best ways to accentuate and advance your image and define your brand. Finding the right balance of style, budget, size […]

Episode 32: Living a High Impact Life

Do you live intentionally? Do you know to get “unstuck” and live a fully functional life? In this episode we explore the six areas that, if you can master them,  make up a high-impact life: Weight loss Fitness Relationships Financial Career Volunteerism Today’s guest, Ed Lewellen, is a transformational speaker, coach, author and leader. Dr. […]

Episode 31: Are You Able to Look at Things a Little Differently?

“Just because someone else does something doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing.” Did you ever have a parent or someone say that to you? Did it cause you to think through how to solve a challenge differently than you would have typically done?  This thought process, whether we realize it or not, […]

Episode 30: Have You Overcome Adversity?

The Scottish philosopher, Thomas Carlyle said, “Adversity is the diamond dust Heaven polishes jewels with.”  Everyone has some kind of adversity in their life at some point. Some things are extremely visible to others; sometimes it’s not so easily seem by a bystander. However, no matter what way it shows up still can derail you. […]

Episode 29: What Problem Have You Solved Lately?

“Necessity is the mother of invention” is an English-language proverb. It means, roughly, that the primary driving force for most new inventions is a need. Many of us think this way naturally; it is easy for us to think of many different ways to solve a situation.  Thank goodness we have entrepreneurs who think like […]

Episode 28: So, What’s Your Story?

Who are you and what do you stand for? In 1778, Alexander Hamilton said, “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” Do you know what you really stand for? Or do you let your friends on Facebook sway you on your beliefs? In business, we have mission statements, value statements, and core values. How […]

Episode 27: What Do You Know About Your Intuition?

One of the things we rarely discuss but use every day is our intuition. Our intuition, that “sixth sense,”  is that built-in mechanism which many of us try to override with logic. This part of our psyche is often overlooked, but it is where the most creative thought processes occur.  It’s not just there to […]

Episode 26: How Well do You Communicate Your Whole Image?

While we think of communication as being either spoken, digital or written, there is a lot we can convey and communication with our image and our presence.  How you look and the feelings you project are just as much a set of messages as those that are on your website, in your social media or […]

Episode 25: It’s All About Face-to-Face Communication

While we live in a world of digital communication systems , methods, and devices, when it all comes down to it, to expand your world, personal interaction is where these encounters should all end up.  Texting, posting and even phone calls usually are nothing more than precursors to having a one-on-one meeting with someone.  It […]

Episode 24: Are You an Effective Digital Communicator?

Today’s major channels of communication are largely digital–mobile devices, website, text messages, streaming video.  While the best and most effective communication is still face to face, it really is up to us all to find the best way to reach out and engage others no matter the platform, medium or message.  Since “Coffee with Claire” […]