Episode 27: What Do You Know About Your Intuition?

One of the things we rarely discuss but use every day is our intuition. Our intuition, that “sixth sense,”  is that built-in mechanism which many of us try to override with logic. This part of our psyche is often overlooked, but it is where the most creative thought processes occur.  It’s not just there to protect us, but our “gut feeling” can also inspire us.

My guest today is Christina Carlin.  Christina is a spiritual navigator™ and clairvoyant coach. Her work as an intuitive healer draws upon a range of modalities from guided meditation to clairvoyant readings to channel radical transformation and abundance into the lives of her clients. Of Aztec decent, Carlin carries out a sacred tradition of spiritual guidance and intuitive practices passed down by multiple family generations. From removing emotional blocks to eliminating fear, her imaginative and collaborative approach to well being brings clarity, compassion, and divine navigation to the pursuit of happiness and success.

Episode 26: How Well do You Communicate Your Whole Image?

LauraLewis800by800While we think of communication as being either spoken, digital or written, there is a lot we can convey and communication with our image and our presence.  How you look and the feelings you project are just as much a set of messages as those that are on your website, in your social media or in the things you write and speak. Albert Einstein said: “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.  I pick friendly.”

Today’s guest is Laura Lewis.  Laura is a speaker, national radio and TV personality, producer, expert guest, spokesperson for national brands, author and founder and CEO of Odyssey Star (formerly Laura Lewis Media). Laura’s company specializes in branding, publishing and promotion.  A pioneer in the realm of live simulcasting and web streaming, her Net Talk Live was the world’s first live triple cast and has a catalogue of over 200 episodes.

Episode 18: Coffee With Claire featuring Von Daniel

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Episode 18, Sharing Success by “Circling Up!”

Sometimes in business, we get so busy we forget to share our goals. Sometimes we hoard information  because if I know something you don’t know, it might make me more powerful. While there are times when, as a leader, it is inappropriate to share all information, there are many more times when it is appropriate to share information. And as a leader, you know information is power. A football coach doesn’t keep all the plays to himself, and wait to see if the quarterback guesses what play he is thinking…. ridiculous example, I know, but how many times in business do we think “I wish you would have just told me that from the very beginning”…because we end up wasting time and no one likes that feeling.

Some successful companies, sports teams, and even families use a “huddle up” technique to get on the same page. Some companies have a daily five-minute stand-up production meeting, where everyone understands the priorities of the day and can see how they are helping to create something bigger than themselves.

Our guest today, Von Daniel, is familiar with these techniques as the leader of Comedy Sportz Dallas, a leading improvisational troupe in North Texas.  Before a show begins, we always warm up. This allows us to get out of our heads, shake off our day , and get into a playful state, where our creativity intuitively flows.

Von is CEO of ComedySportz Dallas. He has extensive experience managing in the DFW area, having successfully hired, trained, implemented processes and led business teams of varying skill levels. Von has extensive experience as a performer as a part of improvisational comedy in Dallas going back to 2001.

Episode 13: Coffee with Claire and guest Shea Boothe

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As women, we have a tendency to take care of everyone else, and then at the end of the day, almost feel guilty if we put our feet up and relax for a moment. But, you know what? If you aren’t taking care of yourself, you are going to burn yourself out and not be good for anyone.Today, my guest, Shea Boothe-Wood, and I are talking about the four easy steps you can take to take care of YOU!Shea has been in the  in the skincare industry for over 25 years, beginning with such skincare giants as Estee’ Lauder, Christian Dior and Aveda Corporation. Shea’s entrepreneurial spirit went into high gear when  in 1994 she became one of the founding members of world-renown SkinCeuticals , a clinical skincare company specializing in anti-aging cosmeceuticals. Shea held ownership in the company until its sale to L’Oréal in 2005.

Episode 9: Coffee with Claire with guest Edward Lewellen

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We all have moments of self-doubt and feelings of “not being enough”…and then we have moments of elation and “we can rule the world!” attitudes. What happens between those two states is what we call balance.It’s breaking through the fog and understanding how we show up that brings us to a truer way of representing ourselves – more authentically and with a clearer understanding of what outcome we would like to see as a result of the conversation.Today’s guest, Ed Lewellen, is a transformational speaker, coach, author and leader. Dr. Lewellen holds an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity, Certified Master Executive Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Life Coach and has an MBA in Management. He has been invited to speak to psychology and international departments of universities on Neuropathological Remodeling and Mind Management.

Episode 07: Coffee with Claire, featuring Mary Monttein Alonso

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One of our biggest challenges is breaking free from the past.  Like chains that would hold us in physical bondage, memories and feelings from the past many times keep us from moving forward to what we really should be focusing on: our future and potential.My guest today is Mary Monttein Alonso.  Monttein is a certified professional Shadow Coach and Shadow work Facilitator.  She uses an experiential somatic process to help her clients break free from the heavy chains of the past.  She also uses physical supplements, including Liquid BioCell Life Blend to help heal on a cellular level.  Her approach uses a set of comprehensive natural healing options for the soul, heart, mind and body.

Episode 6: Coffee with Claire, featuring Melissa Walker

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In improv, there is no room for ego. Improv is a team effort. If a team member is struggling, the team members need to figure out what they need, and offer it to them, before they ask. Isn’t that an ideal way to co-exist?Consequently, ego has to be left at the front door. No egomaniacs on stage; they ruin the flow for everyone. Improv performers have to understand that if they want all of the attention, stand-up might be a better route.Of course, in improv, it’s not “real”, meaning, yes we are creating something, but we don’t have to live with it. In “real” life, we have this thing called “pride” that sometimes doesn’t want to ask for help when we desperately need it. Or we don’t know where to find it and try to keep our pride intact.

The challenge for you this week is to find someone or some organization that needs your help, and volunteer to help them before they ask. Read a book to a child, make sandwiches for the homeless, help out your elderly neighbor. These little gifts of time can make a huge difference in someone else’s life.

Today’s guest, Melissa Walker, is a certified career coach and the Founder and CEO of NextCareer, a company focused on transitioning the skills and competencies of the military into corporate careers.

Melissa has a Masters in Health Care Management and studied Organizational Behavior at the University of Texas at Dallas. She is a talented professional who has enjoyed a number of leadership roles with the ICF Veteran Outreach and Programs Committee, mentoring at the University of North Texas, working with Woman Inspiring Success of the Enterprise (WISE) and DallasHR Workforce Readiness Committee. She also helps individuals find the right path to new careers through her work as a career coach and community volunteer.

With over 20 years of recruitment and hiring experience and an understanding that goes beyond HR, Melissa possesses an ability to see past where the person may be today – to where they can be tomorrow.

Episode 5: Coffee with Claire featuring Wendi McGowan-Ellis

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There’s so much pressure on all of us to look a certain way. We see examples of it every day in magazines, movies, and even on TV. It’s funny how we have lost sight of how part of being an individual is not just having a different personality, but also looking different too. Why is someone else’s definition of what you should look like holding so much power over you? We are all created to be different for a reason. The world would be incredibly boring if we were all exactly the same.This stems from some pre-conceived judgment thing that I don’t buy into and I hope you don’t either. Judgement holds you back from following your dreams – especially if your harshest critic is yourself. Be your own best friend. That little voice inside our heads can be  a good thing, until it turns on us. So stop it. Right now. Take care of you by giving yourself positive feedback.  Lift yourself!The challenge for you this week is to REALLY be aware of your self-talk and be very aware of what you are saying. Work on finding the good in you. And if you do slip up don’t beat yourself up for slipping. Put that thought in a big a balloon, and send the negativity out to float away…..visualizing it vanishing into the ethers.

Our guest today is Wendi McGowan-Ellis, founder and chief designer at Wendistry. Wendistry is a line of individually hand-painted handbags that are “making arms artistic.” Believing that you’ll never influence the world by trying to be like it, Wendi knows that you need to define your style through ensembles and accessories that make a statement, but are easy to wear.

Wendi has an Economics degree from the University of Texas at Austin. She left a 20-year corporate consulting career to design painted handbags that have walked the runway at New York’s Fashion Week. Wendi  shares her secrets to “adorn differently” through clothes and accessories that reflect confidence and strength.  She is your personal concierge of uncommon outfits.