Episode 2: Coffee with Claire, Give and Take: “Not being a stage hog!”

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We all like to have some give and take in our conversations. If  one person is talking the whole time, when are they going to learn about the other person? It’s better to slow the conversation down, and listen waaaay more than you talk, and when you do talk, remind people of what you heard them say. They will think you were reading their minds, because they don’t even remember that they just said what you repeated…because they don’t understand the “give and take” factor. Give the other person a chance to talk too – you might just learn something new!

Episode 1: Coffee with Claire Featuring Jayne Rios

About the Show Guest

Jayne is a nationally recognized Speaker, Author, Visionary co-Founder of Women’s Broadcast Television Network (WBTVN) and CEO of Women’s Global Leadership Alliance.  Jayne has 30 years experience in television, video and internet marketing.   Her passion is to empower and equip women by helping them realize their untapped potential for creating unlimited income on the internet and teaching them to become thought leaders in their occupations.  She founded and sold her first company KungFuzos Video years before video was popular and she created an intellectual property eLearning system, proving her ability as  a visionary leader.

Jayne won the Innovative Woman of the Year in 2014 from Today’s Innovative Woman and the International Collaborator of the Year 2014 from the Public Speakers Association.  Her work with ministries globally has opened doors in China, Africa, Middle East and Latin/South America.

For anyone who has a dream of taking their business to the next level, her story will inspire you today to take action and turn your passion into a reality.