Episode 28: So, What’s Your Story?

steve stoler portrait.imageWho are you and what do you stand for? In 1778, Alexander Hamilton said, “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” Do you know what you really stand for? Or do you let your friends on Facebook sway you on your beliefs?

In business, we have mission statements, value statements, and core values. How about in your family? In your personal life? Do you know what you stand for?

My guest today is Steve Stoler. As a veteran Emmy-Award-winning television news reporter, whose career has spanned more than three decades at six television stations in four states, Steve knows stories.

Steve covered almost every type of news story imaginable, from major disasters to high-profile murder trials and dramatic hostage situations. Throughout his career, Steve became an eyewitness to history. He has interviewed presidents and governors, toddler rescues from wells and military standoffs. He is currently the Director of Media Relations for the City of Plano, Texas, and is a highly sought-after speaker and author.