Episode 25: It’s All About Face-to-Face Communication

Bio photo with Paul

While we live in a world of digital communication systems , methods, and devices, when it all comes down to it, to expand your world, personal interaction is where these encounters should all end up.  Texting, posting and even phone calls usually are nothing more than precursors to having a one-on-one meeting with someone.  It is there you will either make a connection or know to call it off. When you can feel the grip of a handshake, hear inflection in a voice and look into someone’s eyes, you begin the process of getting to know someone better.

As the saying goes, people do business with people they know, like and trust.

Today’s guest is Paul E. Maynard, also known as The Relentless Networker.  With years of experience as a trade show professional, public speaker and writer, he knows, and has proven, that meeting up in person is how you make the best, and ultimate, connection with a prospect, client or friend.

Trade show and events professional (inventor of the NDCC’s Big D BBQ Battle). Networking guru (The Relentless Networker). Business consultant. Writer. Chamber of commerce executive. Children’s book author. Animal advocate (@harrydiscovers). These are a few of the titles Paul has earned during his career.