Episode 21: Coffee With Claire with Jayne Rios

About the Show with Guest Jayne Rios, Co-Founder WBTVN.tv

Episode 21: Where does trust come from?

Where does trust come from?  Hint:  It never comes from the good times and easy projects.

We trust people because they showed up for tough assignments.  Because they told the truth even when it was hard to hear. And they kept a promise even though they could have easily broken it.  You get a chance every day to create trust with those around you.

We can’t create anything in improv without trusting those around us.  When we are creating together in our high-risk, creative and artistic work, we need to feel safe that our fellow performers have our backs.  If that is broken, then it can affect the entire organization.  We trust that we are setting each other up for success by taking the suggestion and putting the scene together knowing the gifts and talents of each person on our team.  We trust that everyone has the same dedication to the success of the overall show and that is created by always being ready to help the scene – even if you are on the other team.

You can liken this to being in an office.  Even if you are in another department, if you see someone struggling, do you offer to help in some way?  Or do you ignore the obvious and continue down the hall because “it’s not your problem?”  The more we take a look at what affects the team globally and act on it, the more trust we create in the group and the overall organization.

What are some other ways to build and keep trust?

  • Keep commitments. Do you always make your deadlines?  Do people know if they give you something you will get it done?
  • Show competence in what you do, and if you don’t know something, admit it and find out the answer. Want to really wow them?  Follow up and tell them the answer that you learned!
  • Set high expectations and act as if you believe people are living up to them. Dale Carnegie called this ”Give them a reputation to live up to.”

Trust is hard earned and can be short lived if we don’t maintain our relationships.  Don’t take things and people for granted.  Show appreciation.  And do what you say you are going to do.

Your homework this week is to evaluate your four main relationships, and see if you need to shore up anything regarding trust issues. Have you let someone down recently?  Do you need to communicate more effectively?  Tell us about what you are working on at the Coffee with Claire Facebook page.  We want to know!