Episode 18: Coffee With Claire featuring Von Daniel

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Episode 18, Sharing Success by “Circling Up!”

Sometimes in business, we get so busy we forget to share our goals. Sometimes we hoard information  because if I know something you don’t know, it might make me more powerful. While there are times when, as a leader, it is inappropriate to share all information, there are many more times when it is appropriate to share information. And as a leader, you know information is power. A football coach doesn’t keep all the plays to himself, and wait to see if the quarterback guesses what play he is thinking…. ridiculous example, I know, but how many times in business do we think “I wish you would have just told me that from the very beginning”…because we end up wasting time and no one likes that feeling.

Some successful companies, sports teams, and even families use a “huddle up” technique to get on the same page. Some companies have a daily five-minute stand-up production meeting, where everyone understands the priorities of the day and can see how they are helping to create something bigger than themselves.

Our guest today, Von Daniel, is familiar with these techniques as the leader of Comedy Sportz Dallas, a leading improvisational troupe in North Texas.  Before a show begins, we always warm up. This allows us to get out of our heads, shake off our day , and get into a playful state, where our creativity intuitively flows.

Von is CEO of ComedySportz Dallas. He has extensive experience managing in the DFW area, having successfully hired, trained, implemented processes and led business teams of varying skill levels. Von has extensive experience as a performer as a part of improvisational comedy in Dallas going back to 2001.