Making Each Other Look Brilliant: Leaving your ego at the door

In improv, there is no room for ego. It’s definitely a team effort. And if a team member is struggling, it is my job to figure out what they need, and offer it to them, before they ask. Isn’t that an ideal way to co-exist?

In improv, ego has to be left out on the front door. We can’t afford to have egomaniacs on stage; they ruin the flow for everyone. So as we are training our improv performers, we have to make sure they understand if they want all of the attention on themselves, stand-up might be a better route for them.

Of course, in improv, it’s not “real”, meaning yes we are creating something, but we don’t have to live with it. In “real” life, we have this thing called “pride” that sometimes doesn’t want to ask for help but we desperately need it. Or we don’t know where to go and find it, while keeping our pride intact.

My challenge for you this week is to find someone or some organization that needs your help, and volunteer to help them before they ask. There are literally thousands of places in every county that would welcome whatever you can provide…from reading a book to a child, to making sandwiches for the homeless, to helping out your elderly neighbor. These little gifts of time can make a huge difference in someone else’s life.

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