New Beginnings: Yes, and…

Starting something new can be exhilarating or scary, depending upon how you look at the situation. As many of you know, my background is in education and improv, and I weave those two things I love along with helping people into everything I do. Also, as you know, this is my first television show. So, I faced this choice of saying yes or no to the opportunity that presented itself to me in hosting this show about 3 months ago. I had basically three choices: to say yes, and….; to say No, But….; or to do nothing. In improv, we have what are called higher and lower percentage choices. In higher percentage choices, we choose to say yes, and since we don’t know what might come next, we prepare ourselves by adding “and” to the Yes answer to make it “Yes, And….”. These two words are extremely powerful. In lower percentage choices, we might say “No, But….which is basically saying No, but I have a “better” idea….which redirects the “power” of the conversation back to me and gives me the perceived power in the situation. What would have happened if after I was offered the opportunity to host this show instead of saying Yes, And….what do I need to do to get started?” I would have said “No, But let’s talk about this perfume I want to sell, or whatever it might have been…what do you think they would have said to me? Not just No, but No and never call her back! Big fat red marker through her name! And of course, there is always the choice of not doing anything, which is the lowest percentage choice of them all, but still a choice.

Higher percentage choices create activity. And our soul=s crave activity to grow. Many times we use the word no because we don’t want to change. Change is uncomfortable, and unpredictable.
Each week I am going to challenge you to something to help you move forward. Your choices are to say Yes, and to the challenges; No, But to the challenges, or not to do anything. All of you are invited to track your progress and give us updates on our Coffee with Claire blog, called “Cool Beans.” You can find it on my website. We want to know how you are doing with your challenges – what breakthroughs have you made, and what opportunities do we as a community do we see that can help you out? Coffee with Claire is more than a TV show you watch once a week; it is a support system through which we all lift each other up. This is our forum. This is our time!

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